Project management

For the period of BPA activity there was developed an effective management strategy for a variety of projects, which takes into account the international experience. In addition to the standard procedures, such as project planning, risk minimization, enhancement of team efficiency, the internal control service allows taking timely corrective actions on the management system of each specific project.

The Company has a project-oriented structure that enables us to create for each project a close-knit team, focused on completion of the project within the required time with optimal quality. Big number of branches enables us to optimize logistics costs, which results in greater efficiency, and simplifies communication with the customer.

To manage large and/or technically complicated projects, the project team is strengthened by chief engineers of the project that makes it possible to speed up the process of solving technical questions, which inevitably arise in the course of such projects.

The Company has a full range of subdivisions, from engineering department to construction and installation subdivisions, and close ties between the subdivisions at the horizontal level make it possible to implement turn-key projects and improve the quality of works due to more complete understanding of mutual benefits and needs.

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