The partnership agreement was signed between BPA and LABWARE

A cooperation agreement was signed between BPA and LABWARE to promote, sell and implement LabWare LIMS laboratory information system. Within the framework of cooperation, the company's employees were trained.
BPA is endowed with the status of an approved partner for the promotion and implementation of LIMS in the following industries: oil refining, petrochemical and gas processing.

The choice of the Partner in the field of laboratory information management system (LIMS) is determined by the availability of a LabWare company platform that meets the high requirements for the quality of technical solutions for integration with other IT solutions, LabWare LIMS™ laboratory automation software (Laboratory Information Management System) and LabWare ELN ™ is a fully integrated application (Electronic Laboratory Notebook), as well as the availability of highly qualified personnel in the Russian office and a well-established implementation system at various enterprises.
LabWare LIMS is a full-featured, configurable Laboratory Information Management Enterprise system. The LIMS architecture combines the power and security of the production server, and the ease of use of the system, provided by graphical user interfaces.

The LabWare LIMS platform is open and flexible, the laboratory system easily interfaces with related IT solutions in the enterprise, such as ERP, MES, process control systems, document management systems.

Integration with the systems of the level of ERP

LIMS LabWare integrates with various top-level systems, including SAP R / 3 (certified QM-IDI interface), BPCS, BAAN, Movex, JD Edwards, Axapta, Galaxy, etc.

Integration with MES level systems

LIMS LabWare has certified interfaces to systems of such manufacturers as OSI Software (PI), GE Fanuc (PROFICY MES), AspenTech (Infoplus21), Emerson, Honeywell, Yokogawa (Exaquantum), etc. Also LIMS configures data in a convenient format for reading by systems Class RPMS / PIMS (Process Management Information Systems).

Integration with the process control system

LIMS LabWare provides mechanisms and tools for integration with the technological level systems - ASUTP. Firstly, it is the automated transfer of laboratory analysis data to the operator's computers of the automated process control system for the most rapid and accurate response to changes in modes and corresponding parameters of technological processes. Secondly, it is the automated receipt in LIMS of technological data (temperature, pressure, etc.) from the process control system or MES, necessary for the correct interpretation of the results of laboratory tests, further analysis of the operation of the process facility, the use of data in simulation packages and systems for improved process control SUTP).
Additional features are provided by LabWare LabStation, which is tightly integrated with the LIMS package, which is designed to work with equipment with a complex external exchange interface.

Integration with workflow systems

LIMS supports MAPI and VIM messaging systems, including Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes. This allows you to exchange electronic messages and hold conferences within the LIMS.

Standards Requirements

LabWare LIMS allows organizing all production processes of laboratories in accordance with the requirements of standards: GOST R ISO \ IEC 17025-2009, GOST R ISO 5725-2002, MI 2335-2003, MI 2336-2002, RMG 76-2004, RMG 61-2003.
LabWare LIMS fully meets the requirements of GOST 53798-2010 "Standard Guide for Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)" and has all the functionality to make your laboratory productive and efficient.

Automation of the processes in which the results of research are planned, executed, recorded, monitored, stored and submitted in the form of a report, allows us to bring a new level of quality control, as well as the ability to make business decisions, to a new level.

LabWare LIMS is designed so that the user can fully configure the system at his enterprise, ensuring that it is adapted to the specific needs of production.

LabWare LIMS has a scalable architecture with the ability to install, both in decentralized, departmental enterprises, and in centralized global enterprises. This architecture includes simultaneously different requirements, multilingual support and a high level of security in different time zones and applications.
LabWare LIMS clients can work on any modern MS Windows application. The component of the web server can be any J2EE server, including open source.
The database server can be installed on any of the following Windows, UNIX or Linux operating systems, and use any of the relational databases from Oracle to SQL.

LabWare LIMS satisfies all GxP regulations, providing a complete sample life cycle, user certification, verification.