27.04.2016 A partnership agreement has been signed with SETPOINT (METRIX)
The BPA Company signed a partnership agreement with the Setpoint Vibration Company.

15.05.2015 For the first time in Russia, BPA will supply the Foxboro LevelWave LR01 level radars
BPA supplies the Foxboro level radars for Saratov Refinery/Rosneft.

27.03.2015 The partnership agreement was signed between BPA and LABWARE
Specialists of BPA company within the partnership agreement with the company LABWARE were trained for LabWare LIMS laboratory information system.
BPA is given the status of an approved partner for the promotion and implementation of LIMS-systems in the following industries: oil refining, petrochemical and gas processing.

26.02.2015 Reconstruction of nitrogenous oxygen station as a part of production modernization at “Omskiy caoutchouc” plant.

New air separation unit construction will increase the stability of nitrogen supply to the shops of the plant.

Construction was carried out by contracting organizations and BPA Company.

There were four air separation units AK-1,5 with the capacity of 1500 cubic meters of nitrogen gas per hour. The new air separation unit A-1.5 has the same capacity. The difference is that it generates only nitrogen. There was the lack of this gas at the production. The unit has some advantages: it is easier to operate, more efficient and energy-saving. The main reason of the new air separation unit construction was the necessity of big volumes of nitrogen. It was proved by the tests that the air separation unit allows to get nitrogen gas with volume ratio of not more than 0.01%

The supplier of the air separation unit is a big Russian company which produces air separating equipment and technologies – JSC “Cryogenmash”, Balashiha city, Moscow region.

The new air separation unit will be brought into service during the first quarter of the year 2015.

The article about the project is published in “Element 22” magazine, page 8.



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20.02.2015 Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day
Our dear men… colleagues, partners, sweet ones! Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day! The most important in our life is peace and stability. For us you are always the symbols of courage, power and honor. We would like to wish you to be healthy, happy, lucky and successful!

09.02.2015 YOKOGAWA distributors and system integrators meeting
BPA staff took part at YOKOGAWA distributors and system integrators meeting which took place from the 4th till the 5th of February 2015 at the Yahonty hotel near Moscow. At the meeting the partners of BPA were awarded in nomination “The best system integrator 2014” and the new YOKOGAWA products and solutions were presented. Also the matters of cooperation with the customers and partners were discussed as well as the situation at the market and mutual possibilities at the field.

2.2.jpg  3.3.jpg  4.4.jpg

02.02.2015 Presentation of new tendencies: the provided services and produced products

During the annual meeting on the 29-30th of January 2015, ‘BPA’ Company arranged the traditional conference where the services and manufactured products were presented. The leading specialists of ‘BPA’ Company informed about the new tendencies and the advanced list of the services at different fields. They also presented the full range of manufacturing capabilities, project operation and operation of all working processes. http://www.bpa.ru/uslugi/proektnye-raboty/. The specialists of the central office, production sites, regional representative offices and subdivisions of the company answered all the commercial and technical questions, discussed the possible variant of cooperation with the customers and new partners. The matter of import-substituting of a certain group of equipment was also discussed as well as the new possibilities of the company growth, the new projects and terms of cooperation with new suppliers, BPA 2015 strategy and perspective fields.

We would like to thank all the guests for the active participation at the meeting and their presentations!

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30.12.2014 Annual conference of representatives of BPA Company

From the 29th till the 30th of January 2015 BPA Company is going to hold the annual conference with the participation of all its branches and rep offices, business partners and representatives of the customers. At the conference, BPA specialists are going to represent the new concepts of problems solving and new survives. The current issues of cooperation will be also discussed as well as the key tendencies of the field.

At the 2014 conference which was held 23-24th of January at the Holiday Inn Moscow Vinogradovo hotel, where BPA specialists took part together with reps of the foreign partners such as Rockwell Automation, ABB, Schneider Electric, Invensys, Iton, R. STAHL, Esma, Danfoss and other companies. The potential and current projects were discussed as well as the new equipment made by the partners and perspectives of long term and fruitful cooperation. The specialists shared their experience with each other and had common lunches and dinners.
We will be happy to see you among the participants of our conference!

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17.11.2014 The branch of BPA Company was opened in Kapotnya, Moscow district
The branch of BPA Company was opened in Kapotnya, district of Moscow

On the 1st of November 2014 the new Branch of BPA LLC was opened in Moscow's district Kapotnya. The branch is situated at the territory of Moscow Oil Refinery. The main activity of the branch will be the future projects of JSC "Gaspromneft – Moscow Oil Refinery". The branch will be able to use the full potential of BPA staff whois highly professional and experienced.

BPA Company has won 3 tenders by "Gaspromneft – Moscow Oil Refinery" and has finished works of automatic process control system of "local water unit" at № 4 shop (the customer of the project is "Yokogawa Electric CIS").

BPA Company has had such way of cooperation with its customers and partners for several years. For example, BPA has opened a separate business unit in Saratov in order to cooperate with Saratov Oil Refinery. In future a branch is planned to be opened in Ryazan to cooperate with Ryazan Oil Refinery.  Customer satisfaction and high quality service is the main aim of BPA Company at all stages of work starting with orders processing to maintenance service as well as staff recruitment and business management.

photo1 photo2 photo3

12.11.2014 Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydro Electric Power plant was completely restored
Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydro Electric Power plant was completely restored.

Launching of SS HEP was held with the participation of Igor Sechin, the head of "Rosneft" , who was the leader of the legal committee of HEP restoration, as well as Evgeny Dod, the head of "Rushydro". Launching of the final hydraulic unit means that HEP is completely restored after more than five years of repair works and it can maintain output at full capacity. The full capacity which Sayano-Shushenskaya HEP can reach again is 6.400MW. With this index the hydro electric power plant ranks the 13th place in the world. After the restoration hydraulic units are equipped by new system of technological protection, which will stop unit operation in case of emergency. Maximum unit efficiency is 96.6% and operating life is 40 years. It is worth to mention that BPA Company is a partner of HEP for a lot of years.

One of the projects is BPA Company completely restored low voltage packaged transformer substation 0,4кВ andswitch gear 6 kV of Sayano-Shushenskaya HEP named after P.S. Neporozhniy. The customer of this kind of restoration was JSC "Rushydro". The place of operation was the building of SS HEP. The delivery of equipment, units and materials, removal of equipment was achieved as well as construction-assembly work of new equipment – power transformers (1000kVA и 630kVA), low voltage boards of modular type, distributing point, boards with circuit breakers,switch gear 6 kV (switch gearwith drawout circuit-breaker and microprocessor units RPEA), power cable and control cable. Start-up and adjustment work with high-voltage testing of the unitsincluding the reports of electric laboratory was performed.

The complex testing of the mounted equipment was arranged; as-builts for the mounted equipment of SS HEP were prepared and approved by the inspection board. As the result of cooperation of SS HEP, BPA and other companies who took part in restoration, the condition of water development facilities of Sayano-Shushenskaya HEP and the level of their maintenance level meet all technical requirements.

Mashzal.jpg Sshit.jpg Sshit2.jpg Sshit3.jpg

23.07.2014 BPA Company offers new advanced Radar Level Transmitters produced by Invensys Foxboro Eckardt GmbH
BPA Company offers new advanced Radar Level Transmitters produced by Invensys Foxboro Eckardt GmbH.

Radar Level Transmitters LevelWave LR01 and LG01by Foxboro were produced for continuous non-contact level measurement. They can be used in different industries. Level Transmitter uses frequency modulation continuous wave concept (FMCW). Emitted signal is reflected form the surface of the measured structure. The difference between transmission of the initial signal and reflected one means the distance to the surface of the structure.

The value of the level means the difference between the height of the tank and the distance to the surface of the structure. The devise is accurate to within 5mm. It is not affected by temperature changes and pressure. Level Radars certified to SIL2.

07.07.2014 New Certificates of self-regulating company for design works and construction
New Certificates of self-regulating company for design works and construction.

New Certificates of self-regulating company for design works and construction were gained by “BPA” Company. The scope of activities was expanded with the guaranteed accordance to state standard and other strict requirements and quality standards of the performed activities and services at more difficult technical objects with high skilled personnel.

The company was granted unlimited possibilities to develop any kind of projects, to expand its customer base with the increase of innovation of its services and products in order to obtain big and profitable orders, to participate in any kinds of regional and national project tenders carried out by state and business entities.

29.04.2014 Opening of a new branch in Saratov
On April 29, 2014 for the purpose of enhancement of the regional structure, a separate regional subdivision (SRS) of BPA LLC in Saratov was established.

28.04.2014 Completion of project - medium voltage VFD for izomerization unit of Omsk oil refinery.

On April 22, 2014 the works on replacement of high-voltage frequency converter with capacity of 3.42 mWt and voltage of 3.3 kV on hydrogen compressor of plant Izomalk-2 of Gazpromneft-Omsk oil refinery were completed.

The technical task of this project listed the requirements to operation of the equipment for 4 years uninterruptedly. For the purpose of introduction of such function, a possibility of operation in by-pass mode was designed and implemented, which allows to conduct preventive maintenance with frequency converter and, if necessary, insignificant repair without supply disconnection of the power drive.

BPA LLC has a considerable experience in development and application of systems and solutions under the projects of any complexity. In combination with operational reliability of our equipment, it ensures relevant quality and efficiency of processes and production.

02.04.2013 Prolongation of the validity term of the conclusion of the attestation committee of “FSK UES” OJSC and “Holding MRSK” OJSC on the Auxiliaries Board

BPA LLC, as an official distributor of GUTOR Electronic LLC equipment, informs about the prolongation of the validity term of the conclusion of the attestation committee of “FSK UES” OJSC and “Holding MRSK” OJSC on the Auxiliaries Board (Distributing gear 0.4 kV), produced by GUTOR Electronic LLC. The validity term was established till 17.03.2018.

All relevant tests for confirmation of compliance of the equipment with the acting standard technical documents, state and sector standards, and lab tests were conducted, and the certificate of conformity with the parameters of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) under the GOST R 51317.6.5-2006 and STO56947007-29 240 044-2010 requirements of “FSK UES” OJSC was issued.

In the course of validity term of the Expert Conclusion from 2007 to 2012 for the needs of “FSK UES” OJSC 35 sets of equipment for substations of the following branches were supplied: Main Power Networks of South, Main Power Networks of Ural, Main Power Networks of North-West, Main Power Networks of Siberia, Main Power Networks of West Siberia and Main Power Networks of the Volga.

03.12.2012 In October 2012 the Company opened a new assembling factory in Lyubertsy

30.10.2012 Participation of employees of the Company in engineering conference EPLAN 2012

08.08.2012 Servicing of control gear of diluted gases and water in Сalisto dielectric oil

06.08.2012 Certificate of registration of electric laboratory of BPA LLC received

11.06.2012 Opening of a new branch of the Company in Orenburg

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