Regional representation

Head office of the Company in Moscow:
115280, Moscow, 19 Leninskaya Sloboda St., Business Center “Omega Plaza”
Tel.: +7(495)645-79-99, e-mail:

Assembling production unit, storehouse, Moscow region
140000, Moscow region, town of Lyubertsy, 1 Krasnaya St., territory of the Ukhtomsky plant, building “C”
Tel.: +7(495)565-40-30, e-mail:

Separate regional subdivisions:

SRS in Nizhny Novgorod:
603137, city of Nizhny Novgorod, 121 B Gagarin prospect
Tel.: +7(831)462-64-06, fax: +7(831)466-00-32, e-mail:,

SRS in the South Federal District, town of Azov:
346780, Rostov region, town of Azov, 5 Promyshlennaya St., building 42.
Tel. / fax: +7(863)425-14-40, e-mail:

SRS in Almetyevsk, Republic of Tatarstan:
423450 Tatarstan, town of Altemyevsk, 24 Bazovaya St., office 301
(8553) 456-139, e-mail:

SRS in Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan:
450078, Bashkortostan, city of Ufa, 99 Vetoshnikov St.
Tel./fax: +7(347) 226-92-93, e-mail:,

SRS in Orenburg:
460019, city of Orenburg, 1 Sharlykskoe highway, Business center “Tikhaya Gavan”
Tel./fax: +7(3532) 54-00-42, e-mail:

SRS in Omsk:
644029, city of Omsk, 23 Maluntsev St.
Tel./fax: +7(3812)67-28-45, e-mail:,

SRS in Saratov:
City of Saratov, 15 Leningradskaya St., building A e-mail:

The strategy of contact management

  • Interaction with clients and partners

    under construction
  • Interaction with clients and partners

    The strategic aims of the interaction with clients of BPA LLC are as follows: loyalty of relations with the companies – active customers. Interaction with partners of BPA LLC is developed under the following directions:

    CRM automated system of customer support – analysis of data and inquiries of clients, direct marketing program.

    Marketing tools and channels:

    • advertising aimed at inquiries and packages of offers, sectors and specifics of customers
    • new approach to presentation materials, aimed at sectors
    • detailed and accessible catalogue of solutions of the Company and the Customer Technical Support Center
    • press releases, special offers
    • specialized exhibitions, seminars, conferences
    • notification of customers about new developments of BPA LLC, partners and other events
    • online-production (online broadcasting of the process of order batching)
    • partner programs
    • joint presentation activities with partners and customers
    • feedback in the form of claims and reclamations, reviews and notes of acknowledgement
    • analysis of special requirements and inquiries, with which customers apply to the Company
    • measuring of the level of customers satisfaction – principal directions of BPA LLC activity from the order processing to servicing, as well as general business and HR management in all regions and representative offices are evaluated.

Technical information

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The Customer Technical Support Center is an access point to the company intended for solution of technical issues on the projects implemented by BPA LLC.

Our clients do not need to waste time for searching the company’s employee who could answer their questions.
Each application is registered, inquiry is processed and reply is sent to the customer.
The Customer Technical Support Center is a solution of tasks of any level of complexity.